Action Plan

The action plan for the 3dQLD reform is proposed to consist of the following stages:

  • Build support for a 3dQLD vision across business, academia, the regulatory body and practicing surveying and spatial professionals in Queensland.
  • Facilitate support of allied stakeholders in 3dQLD across the four economic pillars of the Queensland economy; development, mining, construction and tourism.
  • Support from the Government to commence reform of the regulations and laws that will support enhancing and modernising the cadastre.
  • Commencement of training programs within the land surveying profession so they can maintain the proposed system with integrity.
  • Testing and implementation of digital plan and data lodgment platforms.
  • Commencement of Surveys to 3d Cadastre in specialist areas – e.g. larger scale master planned development sites.
  • Industry funded research into database systems and methods of distribution and access to 3dQLD.
  • Drafting of amendments to Surveying practice directions, laws and regulations in consultation with industry and review in partnership with industry.
  • Progression to the 3dQLD model.
  • Private and Public sector spatial information to be progressively lodged in digital form.
  • Government to continue building 3d cadastre (3dQLD) database as private sector lodge digital spatial data.
  • Mining lease and Grazing lease surveys are also added to the digital 3d cadastre – both existing and new tenements.